Connect and organize your family . . .



FREE: Discover the power of mobile apps. Use the My Mission mobile apps to easily access information and perform tasks from anywhere, at anytime, on any device.

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FREE: Your missionary pictures and emails are stored automatically in a blog and are always available online. Keep them private or share the ones you like.

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FREE: Print beautiful, keepsake Photo Albums and Mission Books that organize your pictures, stories and email chronologically.

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Connect Your Family
Offer your family the convenience of a family portal and include them in your life. Members can easily connect to view family information and submit updates.


Organize Your Family
Keep everyone organized and in sync. Sharing addresses, calendars, lists, tasks, news, photos, stories will help keep your home & family organized.


Family Websites
Private feature rich family websites help families organize and share their favorite pictures, stories, and experiences.


Family Books
Print beautiful, archival quality, full color Photo Albums and Family Books with your favorite family pictures and stories throughout.


Explore the App

Stay close to your family, relatives, and friends. They will help you keep a balance in your life. Build these relationships with through open and honest communication.

A good marriage and good family relationships can be maintained through gentle, loving, thoughtful communication. Remember that often a glance, a wink, a nod, or a touch will say more than words. A sense of humor and good listening are also vital parts of good communication.

One of the powerful and most important objectives of the My Family Organizer app is its' ability to help you connect with and stay in touch with members of your family and your extended family.

My Family
The My Family menu includes several features designed to help you contact and stay in-touch with your entire family.
For convenience and accuracy, our private Family Directory is available 24/7 online and in the mobile app.
Family Maps display where all of your family members live.
Easy-to-use features help you organize and customize and your family calendars. Add daily activities, special events, birthdays, anniversaries and more. Then share these events with others and print calendars for your home.


Save Emails & Pictures
Safely and securely keep all emails and pictures to and from you.

Private & Secure
Keep pictures and emails secure, share them with friends or share them publicly.

Print Your Letters
Print your letters and pictures in a book anytime.

Image Gallery
Keep all of your pictures in one place. We create a beautiful gallery for you.

Invite Followers
Invite friends and family to follow your missionary.

Email Based
Missionaries stay obedient by using only email. Mom's get to relax.


Returned Missionary

Great app! My mom used this for my entire mission and now I get to re-read those important events again, she was even able to make a book.

– Jared C.

A Member

Amazing app! Great design and functionality and especially excited about the purpose that it serves!

– Mike R.

A Mother

I am using this app for my 3 missionaries. It is great and helps me keep everything organized. I love how it shares and notifies all who follow them with the latest news and letter.

– Jzcurtis C.